Eratos is a distributed DataOps platform, providing a uniform way of curating, extracting and using data to understand the physical world.

Data + Context = Knowledge
Eratos unearths the hidden context of data by connecting each data point, to the essential information present at its origination and application. This effectively unlocks knowledge, to enable data transformation.

Our years of working with data have allowed us to develop innovative ways to federate, label, link, and search on data, to find solutions to the world's wicked problems.
Humanity has long sat at a crossroads, locked in inertia through a lack of meaningful data to help choose its path forward.

We are on a quest to unlock the power of data about our physical environment, which will create knowledge to solve the many problems that exist in our natural and built worlds.

Having grown up in data and technology, the founders of Eratos have long experienced the data problems they set out to solve.

Building a platform creating the contextual web of data is by no means a small task, but we are well on our way and are looking forward to the day we can pull back the covers and unleash Eratos on the world.


  • The quest begins
  • First seed funding round closed
  • SDK access opens
  • Major API development completed
  • Second seed funding opens
  • Major feature set completed

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