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Eratos is dedicated to being part of the solution. Our natural ecosystems are decaying; we decided to take a systems-thinking approach to build them back up. Our technology is designed as a system that helps vertical point solutions scale, while providing opportunities for entirely new solutions to be created that leverage our connected infrastructure. It is only through collaboration, reimagination and bravery that we can truly create impact. 


We believe in the importance of science. But more than that, we believe in the importance of our scientists. That is why Eratos works extensively with our scientific research community to help build tools and capabilities that allow them to operationalise their research into products that create impact. As the core creators on our marketplace, we help research communities commercialise their intellectual property, which allows them to fund their next research project and allows others to use these highly valuable resources to solve complex problems.


Eratos was founded on the belief that data is the key to unlocking solutions to significant problems in the world we live in. Our experience has proven the power of human collaboration and the capacity for change when people are aligned, and provided with the tools and expertise to innovate. With this vision in mind, Eratos was born, with the goal of providing a comprehensive data solution that would empower organisations to make the most of their data to self-solve the problems that matter the most to them.


Eratos engages with its partners to deliver use cases all along the data value chain. We choose to partner with best-in-class data infrastructure solution providers, technology companies and service providers who are also committed to generating not only economic, but social and environmental impact through our partnerships. 

Learn more about Eratos' partners here.

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