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Eratos is on a mission. We are changing the way we make decisions about the world we live in. Our platform is enabling research, government and industry to collaborate, where all the worlds' data is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Our powerful data infrastructure enables disparate data pipelines to be ingested and used to build entirely new models, applications and services at scale.


We are federating access to high-value global open source geospatial datasets - it's complex data to manage, but it's also some of the most important data we have.

We've started with climate and biodiversity.


Without Eratos

Negotiate and agree on access to data and models on a case-by-case basis.


  • Significant resource to find, ingest and negotiate multiple licence agreements

  • Cleaning of each new dataset

  • Constant monitoring and updating links to original data source

  • Bespoke integration and ongoing support of each new model

Incredibly slow, costly to implement and support, significantly limiting the pace of innovation.

 With Eratos

Access any dataset or model made available through the Eratos platform.

Eratos handles:

  • ​IP rights/sharing

  • Standardised licensing

  • Low-cost operationalisation of research

  • Revenue to Creators of novel IP

  • Mapping multiple data standards to one industry standard

  • Plug-and-Play access to data and models

Greatly reducing both technical and legal friction in the system, to accelerate innovation and enable automation.



Spatial Intelligence

Understanding our world through leveraging geospatial data is fast becoming recognised as a necessity for decision-makers globally. By enabling spatial connections never previously imaginable, organisations are able to easily manage their physical assets.


Federating Data

Our distributed architecture connects data where it rests. This creates a powerful network of data nodes providing catalogues of the world's data with permissioned access, whilst ensuring strong sovereignty, control and security over your data. 



Through metadata indexing, a suite of APIs and standard ontologies, Eratos creates unique access to any data type. You can explore data catalogues, arrange workflows, and only when needed, call subsets of data on demand. Unrivalled, instant access to the worlds' data. 



Our Studio developer environment allows for the creation of models and workflows to transform data into actionable insights. Leveraging the power of the federated data networks, you have access to near-infinite data to build solutions.



We cannot compete our way out of the challenges facing our planet and its inhabitants. It is only through collaboration that we solve crucial problems at scale. Join an interconnected Community across Research, Government and Industry.



Our marketplace creates a global community of data owners, model builders and subject matter experts who are operationalising and commercialising high-value and trusted products to share with the world. Are you ready to create or consume?


smart city competency.png

Eratos is an AWS partner, leveraging AWS world-class data infrastructure and combining it with the sophisticated data fabric and interoperability of Eratos to provide solutions for government, research, smart cities and industry.

Unleash the power of AWS scalability and efficiency while taking complete control of your private and public data.

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