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Our Sidecar and Senaps applications form the backbone of our Cloud Development Environment, bringing the power of developing AI models, workflows and products to your fingertips.


Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, Sidecar creates an out-of-the-box virtual machine in the cloud, running common development tools such as RStudio and Jupyter Notebook, pre-packaged scripts to curated data catalogues and Eratos API/SDK pre-installed.

Control Costs

Whether you're a research team leader or manage IT deployment for your organisation, Sidecar provides management of your cloud environment when you need shared resources for multiple users. You're in total control of the extent to which Sidecar usage is deployed, shared and managed to each user of your Sidecar environment.

Collaborative Building

In today’s fast-paced and connected world, chances are you're interacting with people from more than just one organisation or team. Sidecar provides for shared libraries and code base to enable faster, more collaborative design, build and deployment of models.

Rapid Set-up

Reducing time-to-value is the reason why Sidecar exists. Not only is it lightning fast to provision your new cloud infrastructure, but Sidecar comes pre-loaded with tools such as RStudio, API keys for Eratos Core, and packages containing example scripts to learn from to get you productively quickly.

Scalable Infrastructure

Choose from a range of Sidecar sizes depending on your processing, storage and transfer needs. Set up multiple Sidecar instances and use Senaps to stitch them together into one workflow for scalable model development across teams and organisations. 


Senaps is a powerful workflow orchestration engine. Senaps enables the construction of algorithms, near real-time IoT and historical time-series data into models to experiment or for new product deployment.


Hosted Environment

Use Senaps to host and run your IoT data, algorithms, models and applications. Our all-in-one solution is a game changer for anyone with large modelling and data streaming needs. Whether you're a startup looking to underpin your tech stack or an enterprise requiring a scalable data solution, Senaps is your answer.

Manage IoT Data

Senaps is a one-stop-shop for ingesting and storing your IoT data. Integrated with the broader Eratos platform, Senaps is a powerful application to capture, process, analyse and view insights from your IoT data. With infinite scaling via AWS infrastructure, Senaps is made for modern data.

Build Smart Workflows

As AI models get larger and more complex they require more training, leading to significant energy use and ongoing maintenance. Senaps enables micro-algorithms to be stored and stitched together into complex workflows, updating only those processes required, reducing both energy useage and overhead.

Operationalize Research

Moving models and workflows beyond experimental or sandbox development into operational ready products is typically time-consuming and difficult. Senaps enables easy transition into operational-ready products that are robust, scalable and deployable for use by others.

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