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Make data accessible, build models and applications, collaborate and share at scale


Curate federated access to private and public data


Easy install of cloud development environment


Invite peers, partners and consultants to work together


Access and share data, models and applications

Data Platform-

Our Data Platform-as-a-Service is an out-of-the-box federated platform to curate, manage and utilise your data by making it available in a permissioned and controlled manner, internally and externally. It's connecting the worlds' data.

Cloud Development Environment

Sidecar and Senaps are our Cloud Development Environment that integrate the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, the Eratos platform and third-party development tools such as RStudio and Jupyter Notebook.

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Our marketplace allows creators to publish and share scalable solutions built on top of our platform. Businesses can discover and use these solutions to streamline their operations and improve their productivity.

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