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As iron sharpens iron

Long before FCDI came into being, CSIRO was leading the way in climate science and projection modelling. FCDI has always had CSIRO as a key partner and right from the start, well before we finally got funded. Together, we work to improve climate decisions using better climate science. Without any exaggeration, CSIRO is one of FCDI’s most important partners in furthering Australia’s contribution to global climate science and answering climate questions. CSIRO spearhead much of the research in this space, and FDCI is proud to fuel the engine of climate forecasting and modelling they use to peer into the future. In this edition, we’ll be exploring the origins and purpose of FCDI’s relationship to CSIRO and how, through our partnership, public and private sector organisations are able to forecast the climate with more trustworthy tools and greater confidence than ever. In this episode, we speak with John Clarke, Research Team Leader, CSIRO Climate Science Centre, and FCDI Chief Investigator, Tom Remenyi to find out how FCDI and CSIRO work together to empower Australians with better climate science. Spotify | Apple | Google | Follow



​Dr Tomas Remenyi

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