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Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD)

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Eratos is excited to announce we are now supporting access to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD). This enables businesses and individuals to easily access, utilise and integrate weather forecasts into their decision making systems such as: ☀ Energy Output Forecasts 🚿 Smart Irrigation ⚠ Warning systems (AgriFoods 🥑 , Construction 🏗 & Logistics 🚚) and so much more… The ADFD contains official weather forecast elements produced by BoM, such as temperature, rainfall and weather types, presented in a gridded latitude and longitude based format covering the next 7 days. This set of weather element grids are updated around 6 am and 6 pm AEST each day. The grids are available at 6 km resolution nationally, and can be downscaled to 90m upon request, only with Eratos. ADFD is one of many datasets, models and solutions available inside Eratos, all for just one subscription. Forecasted elements include: Hourly timestamps

  • Apparent Temperature Forecast;

  • Dew Point Temperature Forecast;

  • Hazardous Wind Onset Forecast;

  • Maximum Wind Speed Forecast;

  • Mixing Height Forecast;

  • Relative Humidity Forecast;

  • Temperature Forecast;

  • Wind Direction Forecast;

  • Wind Gust Forecast;

  • Wind Speed Forecast;

3 Hourly timestamps

  • Chance of Rain Forecast;

  • Fog Forecast;

  • Forest Fuel Dryness Factor Forecast (Seasonal);

  • Frost Forecast;

  • Frozen Precipitation Forecast;

  • Mean Precipitation Forecast;

  • Precipitation Amount with Y% Chance of Exceeding that Amount Forecast;

  • Precipitation Presence Forecast;

  • Sky Cover Forecast;

  • Swell Forecast;

  • Thunderstorm Forecast;

  • Total Wave Height Forecast;

  • Wind Wave Height Forecast;

Daily timestamps (24 hours)

  • Chance of a Minimum Precipitation Amount Forecast;

  • Chance of Rain Forecast;

  • Maximum Temperature Forecast;

  • Mean Precipitation Amount Forecast;

  • Minimum Temperature Forecast;

  • Precipitation Amount with Y% Chance of Exceeding that Amount Forecast;

  • Rest of Day Chance of Rain Forecast;

  • Fog Presence;

  • Frost Presence;

  • Frozen Precipitation Presence;

  • Hazardous Wind Onset;

  • Precipitation Presence;

  • Thunderstorm Presence.

Register for a free trial here: and get in touch with our support team to start your Eratos journey today: The Eratos Platform utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage best in class cloud scaling architecture, including Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (AWS EKS), Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).


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