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FCDI: How does it work?

One of the most important jobs of the Federated Climate Data Initiative (FCDI) is to help existing data delivery platforms reach their full potential. By making large quantities of data available to them very quickly they can do what they do with far more efficiency. But how does it do that?

In this edition, we to give you some insight into what this project actually is. If we were to compare it to other climate-related projects currently underway, the FCDI is a small fish in a pond full of sea monsters. But, its significance is not related to its comparative size. It’s a hugely significant first step in allowing our entire climate science and services sector to collaborate on a national scale.

Paul Stegeman is one of the co-founders of Eratos and is the brains behind the build. Paul joins host Sam Ikin and Project Lead Tom Rememyi to unpack the nuts and bolts of Federated Climate Data Initiative.



​Dr Tomas Remenyi, Paul Stegeman

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