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Petabytes of Climate Data


This is the story about the creation of one of the most significant climate initiatives in Australia’s history.

Over the next few month’s we’ll be following Dr Tom Remenyi and his team of dedicated scientists and engineers through the project currently known as the Federated Climate Data Initiative (FCDI).

In this episode, Tom takes us into the world of climate science where data is the currency and easy access to that data is essential to keep the information flowing.

We also meet Steve Taitoko, the CEO of Eratos, the tech company that's building the FCDI. Steve tells us how he had a serendipitous meeting with Tom a few years ago where they realised they were working at separate ends of the same project.

Jump into the first episode of Connecting the Climate Science Dots to find out how the data climate scientists are producing is being used to improve the future of the human race.



Dr Tomas Remenyi

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