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SIMPaCT, powered by Eratos, receives dual IoT awards at 2023 IOTAA awards ceremony

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Eratos are thrilled to announce that the SIMPaCT project, of which the Eratos Senaps platform is a fundamental component, has been honoured with two prestigious awards for “Research” and “IOT for Good” at the official awards of IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA).

The Awards are provided every year by IoTAA, Australia’s peak industry body of this sector. This year, the award ceremony was at the end of the IoT Impact Conference, held at the International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour in Sydney. On the evening of 23 May, over a glass of bubbles, we learned that SIMPaCT won in two categories. The first award, the National Research Award, was already amazing, however we soon learned that among the more than 120 projects entered into the competition, SIMPaCT was chosen as the Best-of-the-Best Award IoT for Good - we were simply thrilled.

Smart Irrigation Management for Parks and Cool Towns (SIMPaCT) is a research project designed and led by Western Sydney University with Eratos, New South Wales Government, Total Water (water supply manager), and other parties concerned with machine learning, hydration models and sensor provision.

The project has been set up to illustrate how soil moisture sensors, weather stations and various federated data sets can be used together to provide intelligent irrigation to maintain healthy and cool recreational areas and parks.

The images below are map screenshots from the SIMPaCT live dashboard called Park Now. The maps interpolate sensor data from the last hour in the form of a temperature map (first image) and soil moisture (second image). The sensors also return data of their location and the contour of their landscape within 2 metres.

These types of solutions are becoming increasingly important as global temperature increases impact our green spaces and water usage dynamics. As global citizens, it is our collective responsibility to utilise our scarce resources responsibly and efficiently.

On stage receiving the Research Award from the IoTAA presenters. From centre to right: Kate Goss - Eratos, Andrew Tovey - Institute for Sustainable Futures, Sebastian Pfautsch - Western Sydney University.

The applicants were judged by a panel of judges from across Australian industry and academia. Entrants were assessed on how IoT technology had been used to run their operations and deliver services more efficiently, innovate new use cases and frontiers, deal with interoperability and security challenges, for social good, and generate lasting impact.

  • Research Award 2023 - Nominated by Western Sydney University, this project uses Machine Learning modules tied to 202 micro-locations to learn what optimal soil moisture is for each micro-location, and how weather and irrigation events alter soil moisture against additional contexts.

  • IoT For Good Award 2023 - The Smart Parks Can Cool Our Cities project, nominated by Western Sydney University, was the subject of a cost-benefit analysis commissioned by the NSW Government which attested to improved well-being via increased park visitation, and several Principles of Governance, including ethical behaviour and governing purpose. The expected water saving will help establish more green spaces using new IP from the project made open-source.

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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional team that came together to collaboratively work on this groundbreaking project. Their unwavering dedication, creativity, and synergy were instrumental in transforming ideas into reality, resulting in an innovative solution that has the potential to step-change how our precious water resources are utilised. This project stands as a testament to the power of teamwork and exemplifies what can be achieved when great minds unite for a common goal. Congratulations to the team!


The Eratos Platform utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage best in class cloud scaling architecture, including Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (AWS EKS), Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).


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