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Eratos + AWS

Eratos is an AWS partner, leveraging its world-class data infrastructure solution with the sophisticated data fabric and interoperability of Eratos to provide solutions for government, research, smart cities and industry.

Unleash the power of AWS scalability and efficiency while taking complete control of your private and public data.

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Host your data in Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS) in a highly secure, scalable and reliable way to run containers and access your data. 

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Leverage Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Auto Scaling and Spot Instances to scale compute capacity to meet demand and run workloads for up to 90% off. 

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Store your data easily and affordably by utilising the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) for a fully managed file system.

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Case studies

Learn more about how the AWS and Eratos partnership is empowering award-winning projects to harness their public, private and IoT data to deliver economic, environmental and social outcomes. 

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