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A unique tool enabling Australian farmers to monitor, benchmark and evaluate their on-farm carbon footprint, will be on show at EvokeAg ahead of its public release in the coming months.


CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency has partnered with Eratos, a leading data and AI technology company to create the FarmPrint web application.


The tool calculates carbon emissions to meet reporting requirements drawing on the latest CSIRO research. The calculations are supported by Eratos’ distributed architecture to access existing production and environmental data at the paddock scale.


The team will be at EvokeAg in Perth to discuss the current development and opportunities for collaboration and early adoption.


The investment by CSIRO builds on initial pilot trials which were supported by the Energy, Emissions and Efficiency Advisory Committee – 3EAC. This initiative was a unique collaboration combining the scientific expertise of CSIRO with the operational experience of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) and the specialist low carbon investment focus of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).


In terms of the technical deployment, Eratos CEO, Steve Taitoko said, “As a technology platform, you are always looking for ways to stretch the possible.


FarmPrint is an ideal product to sit on top of the Eratos infrastructure as it requires complex data ingestion pipelines, transparency of models to validate calculations, and must scale across all agricultural sectors and ultimately into biodiversity and other nature positive assessment areas, so they don’t come much tougher than that.”


“Delivering a tool like FarmPrint that leverages CSIRO’s trusted science capability and brand, endorsed by the CEFC and built on Eratos, which is also the underpinning infrastructure for the recently announced Australian Agriculture Data Exchange, means that farmers can trust and rely that their on-farm data is secure and the outputs can be relied on to make informed decisions.”


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