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CSIRO, Eratos partner to help the world turn data into opportunity

A new data platform will help industries better manage and use insights from sensing and spatial data for a more competitive edge in the domestic and international markets. A collaboration between Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and Eratos will help software engineers and researchers develop more informed, effective and scalable digital solutions for owners and managers of natural and built world assets. Steve Taitoko, Co-Founder and CEO of Eratos said the partnership responded to a growing market demand.

“More and more industries across Australia including agriculture, water supply and energy now rely on the constant analysis of large sets of data to not only pinpoint current trends, but to also develop a future-gazing outlook for potential issues in the years ahead to inform strategy,” Mr Taitoko said.

“This will be crucial to future-proofing a number of industries globally, and this new partnership will see CSIRO developed Senaps fully integrated into Eratos, and both organisations working together to make this a reality.”

Under the partnership, CSIRO’s data analytics platform Senaps will be incorporated with Eratos’ platform to create a distributed data management technology with cloud based IoT and scientific workflow management. The platform will integrate huge volumes of data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, satellite images, and weather projections to help create highly accurate predictions and simulations for better decision making. Application specific APIs, databases and authorisation models do not need to be built by the user, and the platform will be equipped with secure hosting and custom analytics automation.

This level of oversight for weather-dependent activities such as crop yields and anticipated rainfall patterns will aid industries like agriculture and water supply forecasting.

Chris Sharman, principal engineer at CSIRO, said with data-driven technologies fundamentally changing the economic landscape and extreme weather becoming more common, these industries must utilise data-led predictive insights to future-proof themselves. “Seeing research and technology lead to the development of real-world solutions that can save businesses critical resources and enhance their productivity and longevity is something we strive to accomplish at CSIRO, and Eratos is the perfect partner for us to ensure Senaps reaches that point,” Mr Sharman said.

Senaps is already a sophisticated platform, having been in development for over five years and applied across industries including environmental governance, smart cities, and livestock management.







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